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Beverly Hills 1 Before Home Staging 1

It’s all about the “Front Door Test AND The Awesome Photos on The Web Test.” Research has shown that a potential buyer walking into your home makes up his/her mind about whether your home is a place for them to consider buying within the first 3-4 seconds.

copyright 2010 House to Home Staging & Interior Design
Beverly Hills 1 After Staging 1

The rest of the tour of your home is (hopefully) spent reinforcing that initial impression. Buyers are looking for an “ooh”, “ahh” or “wow” from the second they open the door (or view your pics), so give it to them!

Wall/Window Staging Tips:

No window coverings are better than old, dirty or dated window coverings. Light is your friend. Letting in as much natural light as possible makes rooms feel sunny and welcoming. Lace-y curtains? PLEASE set them free. Vertical blinds–either take them down or open them all the way and keep them out of the way.
Vertical blinds are standard in little “white box” rental apartments–not warm, wonderful special homes to buy. If you’ve got gorgeous, timeless drapes/curtains–do you want to take them with you? Then take them down–the buyers will want them as much as you do. If you’re going to leave them–open them up to frame the windows and clean the glass inside and out.

Got wallpaper?  How about a printed border near the ceiling?  Simply put–it’s gotta go!  YOU look at your dated wallpaper and think “I’m not gonna take that down–that’s too much work!” (It will probably cost you a wekend’s work or $500 to $1500 to take down in your whole house.)

 BUYERS look at your dated wallpaper and think, “I HATE that wallpaper, I hate this house.”  OR “That wallpaper is going to cost a fortune to take down–I’ll deduct $5,000 or $10,000 from my offer for the time and inconvenience it will cost me.”  Buyers always round UP in terms of cost and think worst case scenario–you don’t want to give them any excuse to lower their offer price.

Color for the walls? NOT WHITE!  White is cold–soft tan, taupe, or warm neutral  gold are inviting and go with virtually all furniture. Trim?  White or cream.

Furniture Staging Tips: 

FROM THE FRONT DOOR what do you see?  Is there an easy welcoming OPEN space to walk into or do you have to shimmy sideways to sit down?  Is the furniture arranged to make the room feel as large as possible?  Can I easily see the fireplace, any built-in details and all windows which are open and flooding the room with light?   Most medium sized living rooms don’t need more than 5-6 pieces of furniture–a sofa, a chair or two, cocktail table and one or two other tables.  The back of the sofa should not face the front door (it’s like having a piece of furniture saying, “STOP. Don’t come in!”).  NOTE: in the be Please remember, you aren’t selling your furniture, you’re selling SPACE–light, warm, inviting, space.  Armoires, chests, giant anythings–put them into the garage unless your ceilings are 10+ ft tall.

The next blog will talk about lighting, artwork and finishing touches.  Just remember less is more.  Personal, highly taste specific–bad; warm sunny open, neutral– good.

Create a space where a buyer will imagine as a place to MAKE memories, NOT a museum of your life, and taste, and pets, and kids, and hobbies, and unfinished projects and dated stuff.



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